Re: reality is a reflection

Please find below a link to Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe as pdf ... t_1991.pdf

There is also a comparison of the two cosmologies of Bashar and Seth. Both describe a hologram from the inside. Both use their own terms and describe the holographic character of creation from their specific perspective. In both cosmologies,' patterns', 'geometric shapes', 'gestalts' play a role. Understanding Talbot's book may certainly help to get a clearer idea of the physical background. (For those who feel inclined to deal with the basics).

The paper is titled:

'Consciousness is every(where)ness, expressed locally - Bashar and Seth'

According to Bashar, everything that Seth is saying, is correct. But the Seth material is older and the description of the cosmology is scattered across ten or more books.

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Re: reality is a reflection

‘Consciousness is every(where)ness, expressed locally: Bashar and Seth’
(17 pages)

“You are All-that-is. But you are changing your perspective of where you are within All-that-is, within the All-that-is that you are. You are looking from another perspective from within All-that-is at itself” (1)

“When man realizes that he himself creates his personal and universal environment in concrete terms, then he can begin to create the private and universal environment much superior to the one that is the result of haphazard and unenlightened constructions. This is our main message to the world, and this is the next line in man’s conceptual development, which will make itself felt in all fields…” (2)

“There is nothing outside of ‘All-that-is’. You are a co-dreamer with an autonomous nature. If you are standing in a hall of mirrors, they are all reflections of you, but nevertheless they are still individuated, even though they are all reflections of you (the ‘One’). From your physical space-time perspective you are you, you will never be anything else, you have never been anything else. But there are an infinite number of parallel versions of this life that people may recognize as ‘you’ that are not actually ‘you’.” (3)

On the following pages some of the core elements of the teachings of Bashar will be compared to the Seth material, in particular to the information provided in ‘Unknown Reality’ (Volumes I and II) (4). Background and rationale of this juxtaposition is a statement of Bashar that ‘every word that Seth is saying is correct’ (5), leading to the justified assumption that both sources are describing in a way the same cosmology, even if the terminology used and the angle from which the respective teachings are provided may and do differ.

Bashar is a channeled entity, allegedly living several thousands of years in the future on another planet (Sassani) in another dimension. His information is transmitted by Darryl Anka, a cousin of the singer Paul Anka, in an altered state of consciousness. The transmissions are organized with the help of April Rochelle from ‘Bashar Communications’. According to Bashar she is an extension of the same oversoul from which his daughter on Sassani is a current offspring. He claims to be a future self (6) of Darryl Anka, hence Darryl being one of his past selves. The contact with our planet is however older and has a reflection in history in form of the Sasanian Empire in the Middle East founded by a member of Bashar’s society in ancient times (7).

The information provided by Bashar revolves around three topics: the ‘Formula’ (8), the ‘Five Laws of Creation’ (9) and the window of open contact (with their civilization and others). Reality is not ‘real’, but a projection of consciousness within consciousness, similar to a dream. What we perceive as reality is a reflection of our state of being, constantly being reproduced at the rate of Planck time.

According to Bashar everything in creation is formed by one single particle, the ‘Prime Radiant’. It is one single particle, not one single category of particles. It is travelling at infinite speed and it is not subject to time and space. Time and space are subject to it. As it is travelling at infinite speed it can be ‘everywhere’ at the same ‘time’. It is constantly criss-crossing, transforming frequencies into matter at the points of intersection. The more often it crosses itself the denser the matter becomes at those points. It is ‘made of’ pure consciousness, it is pure consciousness. As it is creating everything that is, everything that does exist is necessarily conscious, including rocks, but also intangible categories such as thoughts which are certain patterns formed by the particle (10) - basically everything. Every belief is a specific frequency of vibration (11). And everything is necessarily ‘here and now’, as the Prime Radiant is not subject to time and space. Thus, everything in creation is conscious, as it is made out of pure consciousness, and everything is ‘here and now’, including all other lives and incarnations. Explaining creation as patterns of frequency and vibration formed by the Prime Radiant is still an approximation or an analogy, but it is being seriously discussed in scientific circles as ‘M-theories’, ‘string theory’, the ‘single electron theory’ etc. There is no ‘objective’ reality ‘out there’. Everything is a certain frequency or vibration.

Re: reality is a reflection

Bashar: “Now, this concept, ‘Prime Radiant’ is based on the idea that many of your scientists, many of your physicists have begun to explore now for quite some time, the idea has been termed in your society ‘The unified theory’, ‘M-theories’, string-theory, many different things, and they are approaching an understanding of this concept, as we know it. The idea basically being that you can render everything down to its simplest possible component, that everything that seems to be different things are actually expressions of one thing.” (12)

Bashar: “The Prime Radiant in our ancient language but in your scientific jargon it’s called ‘the single electron theory’. You can look it up.” (13)

We are creating our own universe, our own individualized version of our reality, ‘billions’ of times per second (actually 10 to the power of 43 times a second) (15). Reality constantly collapses to a neutral ‘zero point’ (16), just to be constantly re-created again in its entirety ‘true neutrality - all bets are off - zero, the slate is clean with every neutral collapse, nothing remains of the old reality’ (17). But after the recreation, one unit of Planck time later, there is a completely new universe/multiverse. We are no longer in the ‘old’ one. And we are no longer the same person. We only think we are. We are constantly re-creating new realities in line with the vibrations of our belief systems, looking then for a brief moment through the eyes of ‘our’ body that is already ‘there’. But everything is a projection of consciousness within consciousness. This is the ‘reality production mechanism’ according to Bashar, the ‘structure of existence’, moment for moment for moment reflecting to us the frequency at which we operate as an artificial construct, based on our specific beliefs, emotions and thoughts. They generate the illusion of a 3D reality ‘outside’.

Bashar: “We understand that the word ‘particle’ is just a euphemism. It is energy, it is consciousness, it can represent itself as a particle, as a wave, as mass.” (18)

Bashar: “What you call your physical personality is just a construct. It’s an artificial construct, composed of definitional beliefs, emotions, and thought patterns, and actions.” (19)

What we put out - in terms of vibrations - is what we get back. We cannot perceive what we are not the vibration of. Raising our vibration will bring us into the reality we say we prefer. We are then a new person in a newly (re-) created reality, but on a different timeline facing new events different from the ones we would have experienced hadn’t we changed our vibration by adopting a new set of belief systems with their related emotions and thoughts. Without (the vibration of) belief systems there are no universes (Bashar). Everything is a projection of consciousness and a reflection of the specific level of vibration we are operating on, at any given moment. If we don’t like what we see it’s up to us to change. The reflections will change as well, but we have to change first. The reality production mechanism is in and of itself neutral, it has no built-in meaning. Nothing happens to us, it happens through us, to the extent we allow it happen.

Bashar: “A belief is part of the personality structure that allows you to experience physical reality as if it’s solid. It reinforces itself with emotions, thoughts and behaviors, because if it didn’t do that you wouldn’t have an experience of physical reality as being ‘real’. So you have to have a belief system as part of your personality structure in order to think of yourself as a physical being, otherwise you couldn’t.” (20)

Bashar: “Allow yourself to find out what the underlying belief mechanism is that gets you to think that that’s the thing to choose. And then, once you know that, you won’t choose that anymore, but you have to start by letting it be alright to have chosen it and not be angry with yourself for having chosen it and not be angry with yourself for being angry. Because you are only heaping more incapability to understand why the mechanism is there by choosing the negative energy instead of the positive. It doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.” (21)

Re: reality is a reflection

We are constantly navigating through an infinite number of reality frames that we activate, similar to the frames on a film strip as they are illuminated by a projector light. The frames that we activate, each one corresponding to an entirely different parallel reality, an entirely different universe, are passing through our consciousness at the rate of Planck time. Every single frame represents a different moment from a different perspective, but it is static and has no motion in it, like a frozen snapshot. All frames are different, sometimes just by one atom (22), but they all exist in the timeless ‘now’. What we experience as space-time, movement, and - hence - events, is the result of moving the focus of our attention through a large number of those reality frames. By matching them with our vibration we make a selection and align the activated frames in a logical order that makes sense from our perspective. Currently we are only perceiving a small subset of the overall amount of parallel reality frames, on average just about 60 flickers per second. When we expand our consciousness and operate on a higher level of vibration we will be able to perceive around 300 flickers per second. The enhanced synchronicity that goes with it will allow for the manifestation of more miraculous and magical events and experiences. (23)

We could be moving e.g. through frames no. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc., activating them by passing them through our consciousness, looking for a short moment through the eyes of ‘our body’ that is already there (contained in any of the frozen snapshots), thereby creating the illusion of movement, time, and continuity, and the presence in a specific and unique reality. With a different vibration, induced by different belief systems, we could be activating frames no. 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, etc. We would be in a different reality, a different life in a parallel reality, not knowing anything about the initial one (no. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.). We would be a different person on a different timeline, parallel to the current one.

When fully understanding the structure of existence and the mechanism of projecting 3D-realities in space-time, we would be able to move more consciously through this process - which is taking place anyway, moment for moment for moment - and select the parallel reality frames that we prefer in a much more targeted way instead of generating a reality randomly. We would then be consciously aware of our role as co-creators of ‘reality’, of the process itself as well as the changes we are making with a view to the different timelines on which we operate. We could designate such a conscious process as ‘shifting’. Actually, we are not only constantly creating our own universe, consciously or randomly, we are also the only one in our own reality, creating our own versions of other people with whom we then interact and communicate.

Bashar: “The idea is very similar, as we have often explained to the analogy of what you call your motion picture film which is composed of several frames, each of which onto itself exhibits no motion whatsoever. But when you run it through your projector and when you pass the light through it onto the screen you get the illusion of motion by picturing one frame at a time in what you call a sequence. Reality is actually structured that way.” (24)

Bashar: “What appears to be a common reality actually isn’t. It’s an agreement between different consciousnesses to each experience a similar reality, but only to a point. But each of you are experiencing literally your own reality and to further that illustration, how many you ever are in the room you are in, you are actually each in a different room. You are actually each in a different YOU-niverse.” (25)

According to this cosmology we are the only one in our own reality, constantly creating and re-creating our own version of everything in it, including our own version of all the other people with whom we interact. All the other people are also each creating and re-creating their own individualized universe with their own version of everything and everybody in it. The energy of those other consciousnesses (the other people) may or may not be involved in the projection of our own universe, or just to a certain degree (e.g. 10, 40, 70 per cent). The illusion of a single, commonly shared outer reality, as we are used to think of, is a reflection provided to us by our own higher mind. The actual interaction with the other consciousnesses takes place on a higher level. Technically it is the same principle we apply in converting and re-converting acoustic signals in our voice telephony.

Re: reality is a reflection

Bashar: “But as we have for many, many, many years now talked about the idea that physical reality is a reflection, it seems very interesting that none of you have actually asked: ‘Bashar’ - ‘Yes’ – ‘what is actually doing the reflecting?’ – ‘oh that’s a very interesting question, because if there is really nothing ‘out there’, what is actually reflecting back these experiences to us?’ – that is also a very good question. What is reflecting back is your higher mind. Your higher mind in a sense vibrationally creates the effect of wrapping or surrounding or encasing or immersing your physical personality in a bubble of energy, a frequency that allows the higher mind to actually function as a reflective surface, as a mirror.” (26)

Bashar: “ On the higher spirit level you interact directly. But physical reality is a simulation, it’s a projection of consciousness. Therefore, you are creating simulations of beings that exist on a higher level and they are creating their version of you. You are interacting directly on a higher level. But the idea of the physical beings is similar to the idea of interacting with people over your telephone. You are not hearing their actual voice. You’re hearing what was an actual acoustic voice translated into electronic signals and converted back into an acoustical sound. Therefore, you are not interacting with them directly when you talk with them over the phone. So it’s simply a larger version of that idea when you are creating your version, your simulation of them, because they are projecting from a higher level, and so are you.” (27)

Every reality we can imagine or think of does exist and is actually ‘here and now’. This includes all our parallel lives, every alternative version of Earth, all our past and future incarnations, all timelines in different dimensions. They all exist at the same moment, right here, right now, together (in parallel) with our own reality. If we cannot perceive it, or if we are not a part of it, it is because we operate on a different level of frequency. But everything is ‘here and now’, and everything, physical or non-physical, is created by the same mechanism, up to the level of the ‘One’ (28), The non-physical realities operate on a higher frequency and the frames based on which they are formed contain more information, as if they were double-exposed (29). This is why beings in the non-physical world are said to perform activities which we classify as supernatural or miraculous, e.g. bi-location. It is just that they have more information at their disposal which they can make use of. If frames are double-exposed, bi-location becomes a feat that is more rational and less miraculous. This applies to all other synchronous events as well, which could become part of our life in case we match the frequency of those frames with our own vibrations. We don’t have to perform arduous exercises to ‘attract’ desired events or circumstances into our lives. Everything is already ‘here and now’. We just have to let it in.

The knowledge of the structure of existence and the mechanism of ‘reality production’ enables us to shift more consciously into the realities we say we prefer and in a more targeted way. Following our passion every moment, to the best of our abilities, without assumption or insistence as to the outcome, and remaining in a positive state no matter what the circumstances or the current events are, will help us raise our vibration. This is Bashar’s mantra, but in conventional terms it is basically about approaching all our life events with a constructive attitude. Positive events provide for positive experiences, negative events should be used to learn from and nevertheless distill some kind of constructive message or lesson. Circumstances per se have no built-in meaning. It is up to us to assign meaning to specific circumstances. Basically, it is about understanding that we are the creator of our own reality and what we perceive in the ‘outer’ reality is always a reflection of our current state of being.

By constantly navigating as a consciousness through a large number of static parallel reality frames, thus creating the illusion of motion and time we generate a unique and specific chain of experiences (e.g. no. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.). We tend to structure these experiences in a logical order in line with our understanding of ‘cause and effect’, and we recollect them in that order from ‘the past’ to ‘the present’ as our memory. But as everything in creation exists at the same moment, because everything is created by the same ‘Here and Now’-particle, there is actually no ‘past’, there is only ‘now’. The past is simply a belief system, though a very practical one for our purposes in space-time. All of the frames in existence are ‘here and now’, all at the same time, including the frames we activated in the specific past that we think we are familiar with. According to Bashar the past is technically created from the present. It is also re-created ‘billions’ of times per second (at the rate of Planck time) with every collapsing of our reality to a zero point (30). With each such contraction we make new connections to the other frames of existence (31) including newly created links to the frames of our specific ‘past’. But we are doing that from the present.

Re: reality is a reflection

Bashar: “In a space-time frame reference, in order to be whoever it is you’re defining yourself to be now, that person has to have had a specific kind of past in order to be that person because you believe that the past creates the present. So use that belief to your advantage by knowing that if you change the person you are you are also allowing yourself to change the past that will then allow you to be the person you want to be in the present.” (32)

Bashar: “Not only are you collapsing inward and outward in any given series or sequence of parallel realities, you are also collapsing and shifting sideways, forward and back, up and down in a multitude of dimensions which is represented by all the other lives that are projections of the oversoul, because as you collapse you are connecting to the oversoul and connecting through the oversoul to all the other lives that are also collapsing and expanding simultaneously, billions of times a second”.(33)

We create our own individualized versions of the universe and our own unique series of experiences in it that we arrange in a consecutive order and perceive as a structured timeline. There are individual timelines, one for every person, constantly re-created as a chain of ‘now-moments’, composed of a specific selection of frozen parallel reality frames. But there are also collective timelines representing specific versions of earth on which we currently operate as a consciousness. There are versions of earth that have already completely destroyed themselves, even ones that do no longer occupy the same position in space. And there are versions that can be described as ‘Heaven on Earth’. And everything in between. There is a version of earth where the Roman Empire continued to the present, one where J.F.Kennedy served two terms and lived to 1985, and one where peace was brokered in the Middle East in 1967. (34)

Referring to the ‘many worlds theory’ that our physicists are pondering, Bashar emphasizes that the fracturing of the space-time continuum and the constant splitting of reality into an infinite number of different timelines, is the mechanism how existence works (35). It forms the matrix which allows us to generate experiences in a 3D reality illusion game, an individual dream within a collective dream that we perceive as real. Those experiences are real and valid, the solidity of the objects in the ‘outer reality’ is not. Our specific experiences are unique and new. They are our contribution as consciousness to creation. In that sense we are co-creators within All-that-is. We are co-dreamers of All-that-is.

Bashar: “You are the only thing in your reality. You are All-that-is in your reality. Everything you perceive in your reality is made out of your own energy, your consciousness. It is a reflection of another aspect, another perspective, of another point of view of you. And this is true for all of you, and all of us, and every being in creation.” (36)

The Seth material has been transmitted by Jane Roberts and produced with the help of her husband Robert Butts. Between 1963 and 1984 (Jane Robert’s death) she transmitted information from a discarnate entity who called himself Seth. From 1970 onwards Seth began to dictate his own books, which were then produced in parallel to the books produced by Jane Roberts herself on various metaphysical topics, including the world view of specific deceased persons (Paul Cezanne and William James) in addition to her lyrics and poetry.

Seth’s ‘own’ books started with ‘Seth Speaks’, and include ‘The Nature of Personal Reality’, ‘Unknown Reality I and II’, ‘The Nature of the Psyche’, ‘The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events’, ‘Dreams, ‘Evolution’ and Value Fulfillment I and II’, just to name some of the most important ones. All in all there seem to be around 40 books that are commercially available now (Jane Roberts and Seth) while some of the unpublished and deleted sessions are still waiting for publication (and/or translation), e.g. materials on extraterrestrials. (37)

Seth, Jane Roberts and her husband (38) are part of the same entity (39), a higher form of consciousness organization, in spirit. During the channeling sessions she did also transmit information from Seth’s future version, ‘Seth Two’, as well as from the entity itself. (40)

Re: reality is a reflection

Seth’s entity: “Seth, as you know him, is a medium through whom we speak, as Ruburt (41) is a medium through whom Seth as you know him speaks. This is simplified, but basically an adequate explanation. Seth’s intellect and abilities are far beyond Ruburt’s, and with Seth as you think of him, I can to some degree directly communicate. We dwell in dimensions that are far beyond your comprehension (…) The speaker at your end must necessarily do the translating, and the purity of translation, relatively speaking, is determined by the speaker’s own development. Such sessions as yours aid in such development, and automatically begin to alter certain electromagnetic patterns inherent in the personality: so that in your terminology the circuit can receive greater charge quite safely” (42)

Seth: “I have my own identity. Yet that identity is composed of other identities, each independent, as the mountain is composed of its rocks and could not exist without them, even while it rises up so grandly above the plain. My understanding rests upon what I am, as the mountain’s height rests upon what it is. I do not feel invaded by the selves or identities that compose me, nor do they feel invaded by me – any more than the trees, rocks, and grass would resent the mountain shape into which they have grown.” (43)

Seth ‘Two’: “The Seth personality has been an intermediary and a legitimate one. The information already given to you regarding the nature of personality gestalts should make this development a fitting one. Seth is what I am, yet I am more than Seth is. Seth is, however, independent, and continues to develop as I do. In the Spacious Present we both exist.” (44)

The main issues covered by the Seth material are that everybody is creating their own reality, that creation is nested, and that consciousness acts and operates in form of ‘gestalts’ or ‘consciousness fields’, rather than waves and particles. Reality is not ‘real’ but camouflage. It is the result of a certain focus of consciousness without which it cannot be perceived. ‘There is no outside’ (45). ‘The effects of objectivity are caused as the psyche projects its experience into inner dimensions that it has itself created’. (46) Furthermore, the universe is continually being created, (47) and it is always coming into existence. (48) ‘No particular physical particle exists for any amount of time. It exists and disappears and is constantly replaced by another.’ (49)The physical body seems permanent, but it is nevertheless in a constant state of pulsation, (50) it is actually ‘blinking off and on’, hence, ‘…physically, you are ‘not here’ as often as you are’. (51) Seth did not mention Planck time.

There are many universes and probable realities (52). There is actually an infinite number of other realities and an infinite number of versions of yourself (53). The ‘basic reality’, i.e. the one perceived as ‘real’ is the one that the observer is vibrationally focused on at any given moment. It constantly changes.(54) From that point of view the surrounding ‘reality’ seems to be constant and the only ‘valid’ one, all others would be deemed to be ‘peripheral’, ‘unreal’, or subject to imagination and fantasy. When the focus of awareness is altered, i.e. following unofficial orientations, the exterior reality that is perceived/perceivable is altered as well (55). The different realities that can be perceived correspond to different states of the psyche, projected ‘outward’ (56) materialized and experienced (57).The different states of the psyche are journeyed through by modifying the focus of awareness - slightly or significantly. A slight modification would be achieved when day-dreaming, a significant modification would bring in glimpses of other, equally valid realities, other worlds in other universes or dimensions (58).There is an infinite variety of ways to experience self-awareness, i.e. to manifest a surrounding ‘reality’ for perception (59).

Re: reality is a reflection

There is a reality where Robert Butts died as a child in an operation and another one where he died as pilot in WWII (60). In one probable reality Jane Roberts became a nun (61), somewhere else she was a (kind of) scientist. That enabled her to carry out with ease the ‘experiment for the month’ which she received on a regular basis in form of a little kit from a scienceclub in ‘our’ reality (62). One probable self of Robert Butts is (was) a medical doctor in his reality (Dr. Pietra) and older than Robert Butts was in this reality at the time of the transmission. As a physician he was experimenting with mind-altering substances and he was painting in his leisure time. Dr. Pietra believed that he had a probable self and was developing specific drugs in an attempt to contact his probable version in this reality, i.e. ‘our’ reality, the version of Jane Roberts and Robert Butts (63). These two people, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts that the readers of the Seth books are convinced to be familiar with, moved to a house on a hill, the ‘Hill House”. In another probable reality they decided in favor of another house, the ‘Foster Avenue House’ (64). In our reality the two volumes of ‘Unknown Reality’ are the version that we officially recognize as real. There are, however, other versions of this manuscript in other probable realities, ‘other books as real as the official one’, ‘not mere versions, but variations’. In one reality the work was finished at the Foster Avenue House (65).

Furthermore, what we perceive as a commonly shared realty, i.e. one world, one universe, is not so commonly shared at all as it is less homogenous than it appears to us. What we perceive is what our senses tell us about our reality. And what our senses tell us about our reality is what the very same sense apparatus determines - neurologically - what the ‘outer’ reality will look like.

Seth: “The physical world that you recognize is made up of invisible patterns. These patterns are ‘plastic’, in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness. Your senses perceive patterns in their own way. The patterns themselves can be ‘activated’ in innumerable fashions” (66)

Only in that sense, there is - ultimately - something ‘out there’ in form of an ‘objective’ reality, i.e. the subjectively projected materialization (‘visibiliti-zation’) of specific versions of otherwise invisible patterns (67). These specific versions are activated by the corresponding vibration of our thoughts, emotions and belief systems when they match the frequency of specific series of events, while omitting all others which then remain invisible. The body itself is an electromagnetic pattern (68), a projection from ‘source reality’(69), i.e. the inner universe (70) into the three-dimensional field (71) experienced as corporeal within the physical framework.

Seth: “You tune yourself into a highly specific dimension of reality. You form a physical structure that will have existence within that intensely concentrated area, that will have validity and actuality – that will come alive with those ‘frequencies’” (72)

Seth: “You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, causes all experience.” (73)

The physical world is ‘the result of a certain focus of consciousness, without which that world cannot be perceived’ (74). ‘The physical environment is real in different terms to an animal, a fish, a man, a rock, for example, and different portions of that environment are correspondingly unreal (to each of those forms). This is highly important’ (75)Thus, each person perceives reality different from other life forms, but it also experiences a reality that is unique and different from any other individual’s reality. (76)

Seth: “Basically each individual inhabits a completely different world…(but)…the camouflage patterns within your own physical universe are coherent enough so that all individuals of a given species appear to perceive more or less the same surroundings.” (77)

Re: reality is a reflection

Seth explained the construction of what we perceive as a single, commonly shared ‘outer reality’ using the cat Willie and a bug at the wall in Jane Robert’s and Robert Butt’s apartment as an example. The bug created by the cat Willie was larger and lived longer than ‘the same’ bug created by Jane Roberts or by Robert Butts in either of their own separate constructions of physical reality. The cat created by the bug was not even a complete cat, rather just a single giant head surrounded by a blurred cat image in ‘infrared solidity’, but nevertheless ‘efficient and valid for his own purposes’ (78). Thus, there were actually four entirely different and independent constructions of the bug and the cat…and the chair, and the table, and the apartment, and the house. Four completely separate constructions of energy into matter (79) coordinated telepathically to such a degree that they provided for the illusion of commonality despite remarkable differences in detail.

Thus, according to Seth, reality is not ‘real’. What we perceive as ‘outer reality’ has no solidity and no durability. It is a projection of our consciousness. The physical framework with everything in it is constantly being recreated (80) in a consecutive series of now-moments. There are an infinite number of other realities with an infinite number of versions of ourselves, and even the ‘single’ one we think we are familiar with is not a homogenous, solid rock planet. Actually, earth does not exist at all (81), nor do we - in the way we are used to think we do. The body is an electromagnetic pattern as a result of a certain focus of awareness, a focus of consciousness without which the ‘outer’ world cannot be perceived.

And what is actually ‘perceived’ is a selection of probable events from a field of infinite probabilities, in and of themselves all equally ‘real’, but latent until chosen, i.e. until the selection is made. What is not chosen – selected and materialized by the ‘person’ we think ourselves to be, is manifested and materialized by other versions (of ourselves) in other probable realities. Ultimately ‘all probabilities of any given action are actualized in one reality or another’ (82).

Seth: “In your terms probable events are brought into actuality by utilizing the body’s nerve structure through certain intensifies of will or conscious belief. These beliefs obviously have another reality beside the one with which you are familiar. They attract and bring into being certain events instead of others. Therefore, they determine the entry of experienced events from an endless variety of probable events” (83)

Seth: “In your terms, the world is intensely different from one moment to another, with each smallest portion of consciousness choosing its reality from a field of infinite probabilities” (84)

The concept of simultaneously and concurrently existing alternative timelines (Bashar) is actually part of the Seth material as well, but he does not use the term ‘timeline’. The concept is rather captured as ‘multiplication of time from within’. “Time not only goes backward and forward, but inward and outward” (85) Each moment, each year has other dimensions we are not aware of, yet. Every year comes with its own lines of probabilities according to Seth. And the (actuality of any given) year does not ‘vanish’, once it is over, i.e. ‘finished’ from our linear space-time perspective - forward and backward. We could decide to be born five times in 1940 (86), and we could decide to be born in 1940 ‘now’, but into a different version of 1940 with a different line of probabilities than the one usually associated with lives beginning in 1940 (WWII, cold war, Kennedy, etc.). Thus, the concept of different timelines existing concurrently at the same ‘time’ is part of the Seth material as well. And as every version of 1940 (as an example) comes with its own line of probabilities, all the persons who live on earth who have been born in 1940 (or 1960, or 1980) may experience slightly or completely different realities even while they are sharing the same reality generating platform in 3D.

The greater being that we are, our multidimensional self (Seth) can decide (87) to have a life in 1940 – now, tomorrow, or at any other ‘time’. It can also opt for five entirely different and independent incarnations, each one with a birthday in 1940, if five incarnations are deemed necessary for the exploration of a specific topic from all its specific angles (e.g. being poor, being rich, being oppressed, being an oppressor, etc.). Any one of those five individualized personalities would or could act as a counterpart, experiencing specific limited, but complementary aspects of a larger, more comprehensive activity, which is as such ‘physicalized’ across a range of various independent incarnations (88). Under normal circumstances none of these persons would be consciously aware of the existence of any of the others, although they can physically meet (as was the case with Jane Roberts and Robert Butts). The exploration of the specific topic (e.g. dealing with authority) could be personified and thus implemented as a gestalt of five concurring incarnations, five ‘players’, each one living in the same century, or it could be spread across a wider time period as it seemed to be the case with Robert Butts as well, whose entity had several lives as Roman officers but also as a black woman in the 19th century who was involved in the rebellion against the British occupation of Jamaica.

Re: reality is a reflection

Any pattern of complementary life-events could also be had by the entity by projecting segments of itself as individualized consciousnesses into a wider spectrum of probable realities and dimensions, as was the case for example with Dr. Pietra whose reality was from our point of view ‘further away’ from Robert Butts than the pilot who died in WWII. Instead of sending five individual persons into the version of the year 1940 we are familiar with (WWII, cold war, Kennedy, etc.) they could be sent into five completely different lines of probabilities of the same year, including the one where the Roman Empire continued to the present, the one where Kennedy served two terms and lived to 1985, and the one where peace was brokered in the Middle East in 1967. A specific topic or activity could thus be captured more fully in experiential terms.

Seth: “In greater terms it is impossible to separate one physical event from the probable events, for these are all dimensions of one action. It is basically impossible to separate the ‘you’ that you know from the probable you’s of which you are unaware, for the same reasons.” (89)

Seth: “The soul can be described for that matter, as a multidimensional, infinite act, each minute probability being brought somewhere into actuality and experience; an infinite creative act that creates for itself infinite dimensions in which fulfillment is possible.” (90)

The multiplication of time from within would be in line with the ‘many worlds theory’ and also correspond to the idea of the ‘glass wall’ in Bashar’s teachings (91). On an individual basis you may hear and read about a war or something else currently going on somewhere on the planet, but you are not affected, because your (genetically) built in triggers (92) react to a different line of probabilities which are germane to a specific variant of 1940 (or 1960, or 1980), a different ‘version’ of the same calendar year in Seth’s terminology. The principle of time multiplying ‘from within’ would then of course equally apply to every month, every day, every hour, and every single moment. It would also equally apply to every version of any event, action and activity that are composed of alternative versions of the same single moment, the spacious present. Finally – and necessarily - it would apply to consciousness itself. ‘In terms of energy, this multiplication of selves is a natural principle.’ (93)

There is an infinitude of probable ‘you’s (probable selves), all of them experiencing the versions of reality that have been left unchosen by you as a person at any specific decision-making point, i.e. the ones you ignored or rejected. Those probable selves all exist with their own ‘I’-identity. They all consider themselves to be ‘the real you’. From their point of view, you - the reader of this text - would just be a ‘probable you’, provided that they are prepared at all and willing to take the concept of probable lives and parallel reality seriously into consideration. While we are familiar with events in our history such as Austerlitz and Waterloo, there is a version of Napoleon who managed to conquer Europe completely (94). Obviously, that version of earth has a different history now and the repercussions of Napoleon’s victories in Europe were affecting and shaping that timeline up until the present. Therefore, what we perceive to be a given historical event on our own timeline, ‘Waterloo’, appears to be only a small part of a larger gestalt of activity, encompassing other branches of probability and alternative timelines with varying outcomes of any given specific event or completely different events altogether. All probable systems exist at the same ‘time’. They all exist and co-exist simultaneously, as is the case with any past, present, or future event. They all exist in the ‘spacious present’, they all exist ‘now’. Time does not exist, the illusion of time does.

It is our own neurological construction that allows us to experience a specific series of physically manifested ‘now’ moments in a linear fashion with a seemingly given past and with a future than can be extrapolated in a plausible way from the present.

Seth: “It goes without saying that the inhabitants of these other probable systems are every much as real as the inhabitants of your own system. They would consider your own system as a probable universe. They dream as you dream. They utilize atoms and molecules as you do. The systems are divided, but not separated by space and time. They coexist but they cannot meet naturally”. (95)