reality is a reflection

According to Bashar the physical mechanism of creating ‘reality’ is the same on all planes, up to the level of the ‘One’. It is about shifting through an infinite number of parallel reality versions (virtual reality frames) at the rate of Planck-time. The higher realms are shifting at a higher level of vibration. Furthermore, the perception rate (of the still and static frames) is higher in the afterlife, there is less linearity, and the frames are also denser i.e. a) they contain more information, and b) they are ‘double-exposed’ (in his analogy). Thus, beings in higher realms - via shifting at higher frequencies – can e.g. manifest immediately. The content of the frames is also richer, hence e.g. the colours we do not know of on earth. Spiritual beings can be at several places at the same time, which is the result of the double exposure (in his analogy).

There is only ‘the One’, unaware of itself and not knowing anything about it. One facet of ‘the One’ became ‘All-that-is’ and is creating all that is. At all levels (other than ‘the One’). We are part of the endless scenery and we are made up of ‘all-that-is’, which is a single, conscious particle, not subject to time and space. Time and space are subject to it. We contribute our ‘I’- perspective to the creation of ‘All-that-is’, by being who we are and by undergoing the experiences we make in life. Our experiences are what we as individualized, eternal and indestructible ‘I’- aspects of ‘All-that-is’ contribute to creation. The added value so to speak. However, the structure of existence already exists. It never changes.

Everything which can be imagined already exists somewhere, somehow. By shifting through infinity (the reality frames of the hologram) we are selecting reality frames which are in line with our vibration to have certain experiences. These experiences are what creation is ultimately all about. The experiences we have are new and unique and eternal. In that way, ultimately, the One can experience itself through the reflections brought to it by all of us, i.e. anyone of us who is the individuated he/she/it aspect of ‘All-that-is. For more detailed information please visit ‘Bashar communications’

Re: reality is a reflection

The rate of shifting through the infinite number of virtual reality frames is always the same, at least in our system. It cannot be faster than Planck time, which is incredibly fast (the time it takes for light to pass a Planck-length). But we perceive only 40 or 50 reality frames per second (for comparison: a movie film shows 24 frames per second). Currently, we cannot perceive more frames – despite the incredible rate of shifting – because our brain is not yet structured and wired to actively process more frames. This will change in the future with us vibrating at a higher level. But it is obvious that there is ample room for ‘improvement’ between the 40 cycles per second and the Planck-time rate which is the fundamental frequency pulse of the universe/multiverse. (Info: Bashar)

Re: reality is a reflection

The ‘One’ does not know itself. It is not aware of itself, not self-aware. In order to become self-aware, it takes ‘an other’ as a reference point. The ‘One’ has per se no reference point. Thus, one facet of the ‘One’ became ‘All-that-is’. Through ‘All-that-is’ the ‘One’ can finally recognize itself as the ‘One’. There is nothing outside of existence. Whatever can be conceived or thought of does exist somewhere and is experienced by someone. You cannot think of anything outside of creation. Time does not exist. There is just the ‘Now’- moment (as there is just the one single particle), which is perceived from an infinite number of angles. The past is created from the present, not the other way around (hard to swallow, but logical).

We have past, present (concurrent - overlapping) and future lives, all going on simultaneously. Every past, present and future life, has an infinite number of parallel lives, some of them very similar, some of them less similar, lives which are again less similar, lives which are just a little bit similar, and lives which are completely unrelated to the ‘reference lives’ (e.g.: ‘our’ life). All lives are lived by entities which perceive themselves as fully-fledged ‘I’-identities. Many of the parallel selves may be reading this text right ‘now’ (in their parallel reality), convinced that they are the only ones reading the text and that the concept of parallel lives is complete nonsense.
There are oversouls, and oversouls of oversouls, and oversouls of oversouls of oversouls, etc., all up to the level of ‘All-that-is’. But there are parallel ‘All-that-is’es as well and there are oversouls of all parallel ‘All-that-is’es. …and up, and up, and up…until, until, until… (Bashar). It is never ending. It is creation. And experiences are the core essence of it. And we are the driving engine.

Re: reality is a reflection

As far as ‘All-that-is’ is concerned, according to Bashar, it’s a particle. Conscious of itself. It is ONE, SINGLE particle, not one category of particles, such as e.g. the Higgs Boson. ONE, SINGLE particle, creating each and everything. This single particle is travelling with INFINITE speed, constantly criss-crossing itself on its way. Where it is crisscrossing itself it is creating matter. The more often this crisscrossing occurs the denser reality becomes at those points (of crisscrossing). Bashar and Seth’s teachings correspond to each other. Their angle is different. Bashar is much more physically oriented.
The single particle is creating everything, starting with electrons and protons, etc. Thus, we are all made up of this single particle. It is “All-that-is”. Earth is a psychological laboratory. It is neither good nor bad, nor is it meant to be good or bad, It is a lab. Some versions of earth have been destroyed 20, 30 years ago by nuclear war, as probable as it was at that time. Other versions of earth still exist, such as this one. If you don’t like what you see around you, change your behaviour (your reaction to what you are seeing) and you are shifting to a parallel version of earth which is more in line with your expectations and desire. This shifting is a normal process. You are doing it constantly and automatically. Time does not exist. Everything is static. By shifting through various (already and always existing static versions of) earths, you are creating the experience of time. Conscious shifting occurs by changing your vibration consciously to match the frequency of the earth you wish to be part of as specific laboratory environment, i.e. the better earth. Shifting occurs with the rate of Planck-time. (Billions of time per second). This is what creates what we perceive as time, movement and experiences.
Btw: if you extrapolate from quantum physics, the ‘double slit’ experiment and the “multi-worlds-theory”, parallel lives of the present incarnation in parallel universes (locations) are just a kind of logical next step. The key concept of quantum physics is ‘probability’ which is fully in line with Seth’s terminology. Both, Seth and Bashar emphasize that ALL incarnations take place at the same time. However, there are numerous links and psychological cross-connections, interactions etc. between the multiple, simultaneously incarnated and incarnating personalities. This is why incarnated personalities can have the impression that they have subjective memories of ‘past’ lives or get glimpses of ‘future’ lives, etc. But time does not exist. The whole chain of events is not ‘vertical’ in time. It is ‘horizontal’. It is all in the ‘now’, to be precise. There is only ‘now’.

Re: reality is a reflection

According to Bashar there are an infinite number of so called parallel lives. Actually he is not very precise when using this term. He has a tendency to subsume past, present, concurrent-overlapping, future and all the respective parallel lives under this single term, and to mix it in addition with the infinite number of virtual reality frames (parallel realities) which we use to project our own life-stream when shifting through them at the rate of Planck-time. When asked in the sessions about the number of past lives, his answer is different: ‘It is 137, now’, ‘it is 147, now’, ‘it is 139, now’, ‘it is 125 now’. Thus, far away from ‘infinite’. The issue is not so much whether we have an infinite number of parallel lives, the issue is, how many of them are relevant for us at any given moment. Depending on the rate of vibration (from moment to moment to moment), the respective circumstances and the theme we have chosen for our current life. Hence the oscillating numbers.

But in a way, he is consequent. He says that there is also an infinite number of Bashars talking to us in parallel realities, if we choose to do so. According to him he is just a mediator. When we talk to him we are actually talking to our Higher Mind. We could do that with the same or similar results during a private meditation as well. Some questions cannot be answered because he is not entitled to provide the answer. Not entitled by the Higher Mind of the questioner. This is what he claims.

In a sense there is no such thing as ‘suicide’. Every death is a ‘suicide’ in a way because it is the higher mind on the other side, who decides when and how to take the personal construct ‘out of the race’. It is not really ‘our’ decision, even in case of a ‘suicide’. This happens most likely when the agenda we have chosen for a specific life, the theme, has been successfully dealt with, or when it becomes clear that the agenda cannot be dealt with anymore in a satisfactory manner, e.g. because of external circumstances. Hence, no reason to blame anybody for anything or to feel guilty in any way.

It can be that upon transition we are asked whether we would like to continue with the current earth life. We can then decide to ultimately transit or to return to our earth life. In the latter case, however, we would find ourselves in a parallel reality and just continue our life THERE. Not knowing what happened. These are typically the cases where we had a severe accident and no one can believe that we made it alive out of the wreckage. Actually, we didn’t. It is a parallel reality.

Re: reality is a reflection

Bashar uses three different terms to describe something which is not easy to capture. Furthermore, the terms are not used absolutely consistently. Parallel realities and parallel lives are used somewhat interchangeably.

a) Time lines
b) Parallel realities
c) Parallel versions of ourselves.

A timeline covers the lifespan of one person. It can be a few hours or days, a few years, 100 years or longer. There are timelines of personalities living their lives right now in the 21st century, in previous centuries, and in future centuries. There may be more than one life currently going on in the present for which the same oversoul is in charge of. Those are then overlapping lives going on concurrently during your own timeline. You could even physically meet with those other persons. The past and the future lives are the lives we refer to when we speak of our past and future reincarnations. They are all going on simultaneously, because there is only one moment. There is only ‘now’. But from our linear space-time perspective some of them already happened, while others are still to come. You can cross-connect to those lives in the dream-state, in meditations, or by using your imagination, to the extent that they are relevant for your current live, your circumstances and the theme you have chosen for this life. But you are not them (the persons living those lives) and you will never be or become them. The overall number of those lives is oscillating depending on their relevance for you. Most of those lives take place on earth, some on other planets.

A parallel reality is another one of the infinite number of single virtual reality frames which are per se static and have no movement or live in them. We are all shifting through those different frames at an incredibly high speed, ultimately looking through the eyes of versions of us which are located in those specific frames. Those static versions are part of a larger holographic environment (the background) which is static as well. Our consciousness is constantly shifting through those frames, thus creating the illusion of time, movement, and experience. We are part of a specific scenery which does correspond to the frequency at which we vibrate. If we do not like the situation, we are free to shift to a scenery which is entirely different. The physical mechanism of shifting is always the same. We reach the preferred scenery (the static reality frames we prefer) by matching the frequency of those frames with our own vibration. In particular with the frequency of our belief systems. Our belief systems are the decisive factor. They are the ‘navigator’ and can bring us towards the version of earth we prefer. We never change the world we are on. We shift towards a version of earth we prefer.

Parallel versions of ourselves. Every lifetime in the past, the present, and the future comes with an infinite number of parallel lives (parallel versions of that life) unfolding in parallel realities by an infinite number of versions of ourselves which are not ‘us’. They are unfolding based on the same physical mechanism. Some of the static reality frames, which we are not using for our own life-stream, are used for parallel lives. They can be very similar to the frames we are using, different from our frames by just one atom, by some more atoms, by some miniscule issues, by more significant issues, in some cases by major issues, and finally by issues (events and circumstances) which have nothing to do anymore with the frames we are using for creating our illusion of continuity when shifting through them at the rate of Planck time to unfold our own life experiences. As one oversoul does host approximately 20 000 lives (mostly on earth), there must be parallel oversouls as well, orchestrating the lives of the multitude of parallel selves. On rare occasions Bashar actually uses the term parallel oversoul, but he did not yet delineate it so far, or describe the intersections between oversouls. Unfortunately, the questions which are being asked by the questioners in the sessions have not yet been precise enough to clarify that point. From a functional point of view the parallel lives (Bashar) correspond to what Seth describes as probable selves, in thus they ensure that any action which wants to be realized because there is a certain probability for it, is being materialized somewhere by someone. Bashar does not use categories such as probable selves or alternate selves. Whales are oversouls of dolphins. Oversouls of humans can not materialize on earth as there is no organism living on the surface of earth which is big enough to host the consciousness conglomerate of so many individual souls. Christ, Buddha, and Krishna did represent the overall consciousness of the entire planet.

Re: reality is a reflection

According to Bashar we live in a reality version where we have the impression that John F. Kennedy died in 1963. We also have the impression that we have always known that this was the case and where this political event has been an irreplaceable part of both, our history and our memory. However, according to him we lived initially in a reality version where John F. Kennedy was NOT killed in 1963. He was the US President who went public with his knowledge about ET presence on earth while in office. Unfortunately, the society was not yet ready for that information and as a result of the riots and the commotion he was finally killed in 1968.

Actually, the collective consciousness shifted to a reality in which JFK was killed in 1963 (without the premature disclosure and the ensuing commotion). The old reality, where he was killed in 1968 continued to send ripples as a remnant of the overarching event into the new reality. As the result of the ripples Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were killed in the reality which we had later accepted as our new reality.

In the future we may end up again in a reality version where JFK managed to successfully disclose the existence of ETs and where the society was well prepared for the cultural and societal quantum leap – without turmoil, riots and commotion. Where JFK lived until 1984 and died of old age. Then, again, we will have a new collective history, and a new timeline which we will then collectively take for real.

Re: reality is a reflection

There is only one moment in time which is ‘now’. It is always ‘now’. It is never ‘then’ or ‘when’. There is only one moment, in the same way as there is only one particle forming the whole of reality. Even if it is hard to swallow, we create the past from the present, not the other way around. This is logically correct as there is only the ‘now’. With every new moment we also have a new past, even if we don’t know it, because we are creating the past from the present. We only think the past is still the same.

Sometimes it is not. Then we have a past which is entirely different from what we think, but we don’t realize that. The old history is no longer there to compare. That was the history of a completely different reality version which we left a moment ago. Now we are a completely new person in a completely new reality with a completely new history which is created completely anew from the present.

Bashar is referring to cases of multiple personality disorders. Scientifically documented cases where one personality (residing in a specific body) is suffering from a cancerous tumour or an allergy, while the other personality (residing in the same body alternately) does not. According to him this is a clear sign of two entirely different timelines merging in a single body consciousness (on an exceptional basis, of course). The personality aspect without the tumerous cancer is coming from a timeline where the cancer did not have the (physical) time to grow.

If we truly understand that we are constantly a newly created person ‘from moment to moment to moment’, and that there is actually nothing else but the ‘now’ (past and future are just concepts, no reality, in 20 years from now it will be ‘now’), we will understand that we have no specific past, in particular that we do not have to have the past we think you do.

The ‘Past’, as a memory construct, is created from the present, not the other way around. We are only used to think that the present is the result of the past. In this context Bashar is often referring to what he calls the 13th step. If we are addicted to something and we want to get rid of it: once we truly understand that we are an entirely newly created person who has no (fixed) history, we are free to become immediately a person who is no longer addicted. Because this new person NEVER HAD the habit or the addiction. The habit is no longer part of the newly created timeline which comes with the newly created personality. And there is thus no physical urge anymore.

We can apply this approach to anything which seems to be a burden for us resulting from our ‘past’ (childhood issues etc.). We may experience how liberating a proper understanding of the real physical mechanism of existence actually is. We are literally bound by nothing. We are physically a new person ‘from moment to moment to moment’. With the reliability of Planck-time. We all are. And we are just beginning to understand that now. His most liberating message is that ‘life is meaningless’. It has no built-in meaning. We are assigning meaning to our life events, and it is up to us to give them a positive meaning by systematically distilling a positive effect from them, even if the intentions of others we have been confronted with, have been ‘objectively’ negative…: ‘so what?’

According to Bashar, the sooner we become multidimensional beings (the term ‘spiritual’ may be more appropriate for this homepage, but without religious affiliations), the more we learn to understand how malleable and multifaceted our reality actually is. And the sooner we will understand the structure and the logical system of existence.