Re: reality is a reflection

Darryl Anka discusses BASHAR's Countdown to Contact
(Interstellar Alliance Social Experiment)

It looks that Bashar is serious about the timeframe he was proposing for open contact, including a general event towards the end of 2026 and the beginning of 2007.

People are invited to facilitate the contact by following the advice he is going to provide us with from now on on a monthly basis.

Re: reality is a reflection

`Your genetic structure reacts to each thought that you have, to the state of your emotions, to your psychological climate. In your terms, it contains the physical history of the species in context with the probable future capabilities of the species. You choose your genetic structure so that it suits the challenges and capabilities of the species. You choose your genetic structure so that it suits the challenges and potentials that you have chosen. (Long pause.) It represents your physical reference point, your bodily framework. It is your personal physical property. It is a portion of physical matter that you have identified, filled out with your own identity.

It is like a splendid ship, the body, that you have chosen ahead of time for a splendid challenging adventure—a ship that you have personally appointed that is equipped to serve as much as possible as a physical manifestation of your personhood. Some people, in beginning such a venture, will indeed insist upon an excellent vessel, with the most sophisticated mechanisms, equipped with grand couches and a banquet room. Others would want much more excitement, much more zest, and order then instead a less grand vessel, but one that went faster. Some would set goals for themselves that demanded that their powers of seamanship be tested.

The analogy may be a simple one, yet each person chooses the living vessel of the body, with his or her own intents and purposes in mind. (Long pause.) In physical reality, if you will forgive me, life is the name of the game—and the game is based upon value fulfillment. That means simply that each form of life seeks toward the fulfillment and unfolding of all of the capacities that it senses within its living framework, knowing that in that individual fulfillment each other species of life is also benefited.´ (Seth, Session No. 910)


Please find below a link to an excellent overview of the hierarchical structure of existence written by a biologist. The key driving force behind the order of everything as described in that article can be assumed to correlate with the `entities´, the `gestalts´, and the `ideas´ in the nested cosmology of Seth, resp. the `topics´ and `themes´ of Bashar. ... cosmos.pdf

Re: reality is a reflection

The big announcement made at the Conscious Life Expo 2023

At the very end (1:15) of his talk at the Conscious Life Expo in 2023, Bashar made this extraordinary announcement:

"The idea of events that are happening on your planet, right now, will create the following situation. First of all in late your year of 2024 and in your year of 2025 the channel himself will begin teaching in more depth the principal of the formula so that it really sticks - because this is crucial to the idea of understanding of how reality works, and being an equal participant in open contact. We will go on to something a little different. At the end of your year of 2026, we will deliver, when we determine it is appropriate, on our schedule, different information based on the change I am about to tell you. The probability of this is between 90 and 95 percent at this time, and unlikely to change, there may be some waffling as you say, but nevertheless, this seems to be where you are heading, for one reason or another, I am not going to tell you the circumstances that are going to create this opportunity. Even some of your more sensitive physics have begun to pick up on this probability, and are starting to announce it. Somewhere near the end, (or) middle to end of 2026, beginning, (and) beginning to middle to the idea of 2027, somewhere in that, you will experience on your planet a MAJOR CONTACT EVENT. 2026 to 2027 will be a major contact event happening that EVERYONE on your planet will become aware of. So be prepared, allow yourselves to be true to yourselves, be open, be flowing, and allow yourself to know that when this major contact event occurs, 2026 to 2027, it will herald in an AWAKENING for many people on your planet, not all, for many people on your planet to really create a new momentum heading towards a shift in your realities, individually and collectively, that will begin to allow you to move even faster to the idea of open contact, and becoming members of your Galatic family. So be prepared for those years, allow yourself to move forward. It is very important for you to be yourself now to allow this to occur in perception. We thank you at this time for co-creating this experience with us. Our unconditional love to your all, and we will see you again.

(verbatim taken from reddit)

Re: reality is a reflection

About Bashars craft

“As we create the isolation field around our craft that unlocks us from any particular vibratory universe, and imposes, through the harmonics of light, the new vibrational equation upon the craft, when we reinsert the craft into any particular reality, it will automatically take up residence at that location represented by the vibratory signature frequency. It has not really traveled the distance, but simply removed itself from that reality and redeposits itself at that particular other location.

Then as far as the magnetosphere of our planet, or any other planets, do you have to make calculations or adjustments?

To some degree, yes. Because once we are traveling within any particular reality, we then must navigate by the gravitational dynamic tensor field, the electromagnetic field, the masses of stars and planets within that particular reality, if it contains them.

And then when you get closer to our planet, for instance, you would be subject to our compass, our magnetic pull?

Not unless we removed the gravitational field from around our craft. Each and every space craft has its own gravitational bubble. that is why our craft can be completely perpendicular to your world, and yet we still feel as if we are facing "down" when we stand on our floor.

This is exciting to be asking you questions like this, because I think some other level of my intelligence is speaking here. I've never had any chemistry or engineering training at all-
Me neither. Our science, our engineering, our technology in that sense is mostly intuition.

I would like some more of the technical picture of the fluidity of your craft that was portrayed in flight- of the navigator that was in the channel's memory banks.

It is mostly the interior that is fluid, not so much the exterior.

In its constructed molecular density, is it made of metal?

It is more of a crystalline metallic form,that is grown.

Could you give me the molecular counterpart in the gradient to us creating that here?

It is a metallic crystalline state refined by a cold fusion process, You do not yet have the technology for this. It is instilled, or programmed, to act in a holographic fashion, and when certain types of current are introduced into that crystalline metallic ma- trix, it takes upon itself the form of the identity with which it is infused, and becomes crystallized according to that template. When the template is removed, it collapses back into its original state until another template is introduced in electrical form. But this goes on at very deep atomic levels concerning the actual interactions between subatomic particles. As we perceive It, it will be a while before you even have the support systems necessary to create this type of effect.

How do you create the substance?

It is, once again, grown upon the energy templates that we tale. Once we have refined the particular substance, it is then sown, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, along the lines of the energy template we lay down for it to grow upon.”

(verbatim taken from reddit: r/aliens)